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    We're committed to clarity and quality of sound and capturing the essence of the artists, bands and clients who work with us. We have all the modern "new school" gear, but we're especially dedicated to the warmth of a retro analog sound and an "old school" approach to recording ― where analog leads and digital plays a supporting role.

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    nicola stemmer

    Nicola Stemmer is founder of 9 Lives Studios and also a musician, producer, arranger, engineer and songwriter. Over the years, he's worked with well-known artists across a variety of musical genres, from world beat to jazz, gospel, indie, pop, rock, etc. No matter the style or scope of the project, Nicola is an accomplished engineer and producer who's dedicated to creative collaboration and bringing the artist's sound and vision to life.

    communal beginnings

    In 1998, Nicola established 9 Lives Studios at 111 First Street in downtown Jersey City, NJ., where a vibrant artist community lived and worked. It was known as " 111" locally, and for 15 years the former cigarette factory occupied an entire city block near the waterfront. It became the city's cultural epicenter and housed more than 150 artists and creative businesses. 9 Lives Studios was a passionate part of this community and served it too ― recording up and coming artists and talented dreamers. In 2005, everyone was evicted and the building was demolished for development of a residential high rise. Like so many other artist's enclaves, 111 First Street became a symbol of urban issues like gentrification, class, urban redevelopment, and displacement of creative community.

    the studio today

    In 2005, Nicola moved 9 Lives Studios (9LS) into an amazing 100 year old industrial warehouse in Jersey City's "journal square" district ― located 15 minutes from NYC via any PATH train. From humble beginnings in 1998, 9LS is now a state of the art recording facility with an old school vibe, designed to accommodate the needs of any modern musical project.


    At 9LS, you'll work in a large, comfortable space with advanced equipment and with staff who are experienced in all styles of musical recording. The 9LS staff are also seasoned musicians who bring a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to every session.


    Our Live Room is 1000sf and can easily accommodate any size project ― from solo act to an orchestra. The Control Room features a newly recapped MCI 636 Console, Studer A80, Pro-Tools HD, Logic Pro, an outstanding array of outboard gear, a full compliment of contemporary and vintage mics and gear, and even a newly acquired vintage EMT 140 Plate Reverb (with the original tube preamp) ― giving both producer and artist the best of both worlds: the warmth of analog tape and the convenience of digital sampling & editing.

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